Effishent teams up with Kast Gear

Article Written by Shane Stewart:

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the outdoors and its creatures; especially fish. During daylight hours, I spent my childhood at the neighborhood bass ponds chasing Largemouth Bass regardless of what the weather had in mind. When night fell, it was time for our routine stealth missions. My friends and I would sneak out onto the local golf course in search of true fertilizer-fed behemoths. I like to think this helped condition me for future excursions!

I truly got the fly fishing bug once I was introduced to the art through an introductory course hosted by my hometown’s community center. From there, an addiction formed after venturing to Jackson Hole one summer with my family, I ended up doing a guided fly fishing trip on the Snake River for Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout and had a blast. I then asked myself, "Could I chase those golf course pond giants with a fly rod?" Let the adventures begin…

Fast forward to the present; the fly fishing addiction is strong and I spend as many days on the water as possible! I have grown a strong appreciation for the sport and have been lucky enough to meet some of my most outstanding friends while on the river.

In 2016, I started a fly fishing page on Instagram called Effishent with Colton Morris, a good friend of mine from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. The purpose of the page was to reduce the amount of fish photos our friends saw in their Instagram newsfeed! The page gained traction as we ventured around the Southeast to appease our fly fishing addiction.

The trips and places we have visited all helped to shape our current situation. We’ve met some amazing people and seen some incredible environments. The Effishent Crew has grown to beyond the founders and we couldn’t be more excited. The crew and myself all are currently chasing trophy fish by day… and also by night (a true passion of ours). Lately, we’ve had our sights set on trophy Brown Trout! Recently investing in a new camera was a must for awesome high quality night time shots!

Pushing yourself to the limit when fly fishing means staying up all night, fishing through a downpour, or grinding it out only to be skunked (hopefully not all of this happens on the same trip). The countless hours of practice, research, or however you want to categorize 'coming up fish-less' have eventually paid dividends! It takes a strong soul to cast endlessly into the darkness for monster piscivorous brown trout

Recently, Effishent has been fortunate enough to connect with not only amazing people, but amazing brands. Bryan from Kast Gear approached us and sent us some fishing-specific clothing to wear and test. Personally, I have always just used my clothing deemed unfit for wearing in public as my go-to fishing gear. Kast Gear was truly the first fishing-oriented clothing brand that I’ve worn and man-oh-man is it awesome to have apparel and gear actually crafted for our extreme adventures!

It only makes sense for Effishent to partner with Kast Gear as we are of a similar mindset and hope to promote this healthy habit to others and pass on the torch to future generations. The folks at Kast are incredible on both a personal and professional level.

We hope to create a healthier planet through all relationships that we create! Whether it’s preaching catch and release, proper fish handling methods, river cleanups, or just being a good steward of the sport. We couldn’t be more honored and excited to spread this healthy passion far and wide.

All in all, we have caught many trophy fish on the fly and we are so excited for the future. However, I believe that the art of fly fishing actually caught and kept us; it doesn’t seem like fly fishing itself practices catch and release on us anglers!

Starting immediately, you will be able to use the code 'EFFISHENT' for 15% off of your Kast Gear purchases. Can’t wait to see where this train goes, tight lines!

-Shane Stewart

Founder, Effishent

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